Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My movie list will continue when I'm back!

Bon Voyage to Me

So long blogging world! I leave for a very long European adventure in less than 24 hours ... I am mostly ready to go, but there are a million things I feel like I have to do first. Not planning on sleeping much! I'm hoping to start a travel blog but I haven't chosen a site yet - any suggestions? Worst case I'll just write in my journal and post everything when I get back. And of course expect some random updates here, as well.

Au revoir
Auf Wiedersehen
Goodbye :(

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Life updates!

No time for breathing these days, all life all the time! Here's some of what I've been busy with:

Accounting Courses --- Ivey may be in the ground, but accountants never sleep! So far we've written 3 exams, done 2 presentations and submitted 2 assignments. Did I mention we started these courses only two weeks ago?! Still to go there is one exam and 4 assignments. Funnily, this hasn't been stressing me out that much. The only difference between getting a 50 and a 90 is personal satisfaction ... it still just goes down as pass or fail on your CA transcript! (I've been getting 80s, for the record).

Europe Trip Planning --- I leave in less than 3 weeks and I'm gone for quite a long time. I'm also going alone, and in peak season, which means it is really best to book hostels in advance. All of which adds up to a pound of work. You should see my spreadsheets!

Saying Goodbye to Friends --- nearly everyone but the accountants and those who hail from London have left by now, but at one point I had a close friend leaving nearly every day! Many of whom (because Ivey graduates tend to pursue international careers) I will not see for at least a few years. And of course everyone wants to have dinner or hang out before they leave...

The Toronto Kerfuffle --- so you may remember a few months ago I joyfully posted some pictures of my future roommate, Azadeh. Well turns out that's not happening! She's transferring to a different school and won't be living in Toronto anymore. As much of a hassle this is, a part of me is relieved because she is really quite unreliable. I've been talking to a few friends and haven't had much luck finding a new roommate yet. I know a couple of Ivey girls who want to collect 4-5 girls and get a big house in North York. This would be great except they're being sort of wishy-washy about doing it for sure ... I just want people who can committ! So if there's one thing keeping me up at night, it's this.

Tying Up Lose Ends --- along with the trip planning, comes things like taxes (which are done but still not sent in! I suck!), cancelling internet for the summer, dealing with graduation details, needing to get glasses before I leave, confirming employment details with Deloitte, etc. etc.

Not complaining or anything - these last few weeks have honestly been great! But if you haven't heard from me in a while and you think you should have (i.e. my parents! not the rest of you!), here endeth my explanation.