Friday, November 09, 2007

Trip Notes #4 - Spain

The fourth stop on our trip was by far the easiest to travel into. Besides Andrea being faced with an "over weight limit" luggage charge of 70 euros (her suitcase was bigger than she was), there was no problem getting on our plane from Geneva, and we were lucky enough to be greeted by our friend, Gerard, at the Barcelona airport. Gerard and Victor (both pictured) had spent the Spring term at Ivey on exchange.

After some general sightseeing (mostly just wandering around Las Ramblas and various small alleyways downtown), we ventured to eat the best meal of the entire trip at a fancy tapas restaurant (pictured). We were treated to some wine-tasting lessons and delicious food of all sorts. We finished the evening with a drink on top of a mountain and a home-cooked meal at Gerard's.

The next morning we embarked on a 6-hour, sickness-inducing ferry to the legendary party island of Ibiza (or Ivissa, if you prefer). Our ship arrived in the late hours of the night and we were greeted by a host of drunk, scantily-dressed British people (who's nights were just beginning). We were too tired and worried about finding our hotel that we failed to find the humor in their various antics. Eventually the hotel (3 single beds for a change!) was reached, food was acquired, and much sleep was had.

Upon waking, we went to a fairly secluded (and nude) beach that was surrounded by beautiful cliffs and turquoise water. Our dabble with "clothing-optional" came to an abrupt halt when a school bus of German children arrived unexpectedly in the afternoon. That evening was spent viewing an amazing sunset (shown above).

Having only one night on the island, we decided we must try out the infamous nightlife. We made it to the opening night of a huge stadium-sized club somewhere inland. They didn't allow cameras, probably because then there would be photographic evidence of all the people doing drugs inside! (We didn't actually witness any of this, but I don't see how the crowd could stand the one-beat techno music that played all night long without the help of narcotics!). We actually ran into a friend from Ivey completely randomly at said club. Small world! Overall our night was annoying at best, and we were glad to be leaving Ibiza the next morning.

The girls had managed to find a cheap flight back to Barcelona, but I pinched pennies and took an extra slow, 10-hour ferry back, which I spent currled up in the corner of a bar. I have nothing further to say about that.

Overall, Spain was a bit of a disappointment. It would be nice to go to Southern Spain sometime, however, because I hear that is much nicer.

Pictures of Barcelona.
Pictures of Ibiza.

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