Monday, August 06, 2007

Trip Notes #2 - Nice, France

After our uneasy, sleepless start to the trip in London, we arrived in Nice extremely thankful that it was a beach town with not a lot to see. We got off the bus from the airport at the wrong stop, and had to walk about half an hour to our hotel - but we could have cared less at that point. In fact, the walk was right along the beach so it was a nice introduction to the beautiful green/blue waters. We stayed at a bed & breakfast about one block from the promenade, and surrounded by traditional French street-front cafes. In fact, we woke up every morning (or afternoon, depending on how lazy we were feeling) to the sound of accordians. We spent most of our days (and nights) on the beach working on not being so Canadian (i.e. pale). On Day 3 we took a small boat cruise where the girls conveniently ducked as waves crashed over the side and straight into my face. The boat's tour guide pointed out Elton John and Mick
Jagger's palatial ocean-view estates. That same evening we were able to take a $5 euro trip over to Cannes to catch the very last day of the film festival. No movie star sightings (fun fact: Caroline had been in an earlier year and saw the cast of Star Wars), but we did see lots of people running around in tuxedos and evening gowns, giving the town a very glamorous feel.


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Vicki said...

Sounds like fun...especially the other girls ducking!