Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trip Notes #3 - Switzerland

Although our four days in Nice were lovely, we were ready for new adventures on the 5th morning, and we were off to Switzerland! Having made no arrangements for our transportation to the airport, and realizing about 1 hour prior to our flight as we packed up our suitcases that: public transportation hasn't started running yet, the phones in our room don't work (not that we knew any cab numbers anyway), and it would take at least 2 hours to walk there. Distressed, we made our way outside only to find a cab waiting there - just for us! We still haven't figured out how this happened, and resolved to grant the good deed to either our thoughtful hotel managers or the kindly gods of travel (who must have been taking pity on us ever since our London ordeal).

The flight was uneventful, but our arrival in Geneva was unpleasant: it was about 10 degrees and I, for one, had not packed proper winter wear. Arriving at our hotel (the 'Nashville', how American) we passed many interesting sights including numerous strip clubs and prostitutes, finally realizing why we had obtained such a good rate on the room. In Geneva we ate extremely overpriced meals and marvelled at how little there was to do. We also took a 30 euro train ride to a completely boring and dreary French village and resolved not to do random day trips again. We also began calling all the extreme sporting venues we could find on the internet, often to rudely awake people because we insisted on making our inquiries at 6 in the morning. Finally the weather behaved itself, and we made our way to picturesque Interlaken - a stop that I highly recommend if in the area. Our adventure for the day was originally to be sky diving - but was downgraded to paragliding to save money.

Paragliding is not at all scary, it's like drifting over the clouds in a miniature plane ... minus the walls. (And excepting the cliff jump beginning). We payed a little extra for some "in flight" pictures, which I will develop and post here one day. Overall we enjoyed Switzerland but were quite pleased that our next stop, Barcelona, had considerably more favorable weather forecasts.


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Mommy said...

Great update. I love the pictures (nice that you have a link here).
A cab was perfect!