Friday, September 14, 2007

The Big Move

I'm not going to write about all the millions of things went wrong, because I've done my venting to family and friends and have put that day to rest. But, I will share some of the positive details about my big move to Toronto.

- I really like the apartment itself. It's in a great location, walking distance from groceries, drug stores, comic stores (!!), a Canadian tire, the Eaton center, and all my favorite shoe stores. It's also a few minutes from the Bloor subway station, which means virtually never having to transfer subway lines. Moreover, it's cozy but I'm enjoying that (it's so easy to walk from one side to the other!), and it has everything I need.
- It was nice to have all my friends get together, and a couple of them stayed the night - good to have company for the first night.
- Last weekend, Mom and Matt made the trip down and helped me set up furniture, electronics, and paintings. A big help! And I think a fun weekend had by all.

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Kimota94 aka Matt said...

It's too bad that you don't feel like posting the details of what went wrong, if for no other reason than it makes the fact that you actually pulled off the move that much more impressive! (And it'd be a good testament to the loyalty and persistence of several of your friends.)

As half of the visiting parental units last weekend, I can attest to the fact that it was, indeed, a fun visit to all four hundred of your new square feet! ;-)

I'll admit, though, that I took most of Sunday to recover. Between all of the walking we did, the less-than-restful night's sleep on your double bed (with feet hanging off the end), and the go-go-go pace of the visit, I was exhausted for most of Sunday. Doesn't mean I wouldn't happily do it all over again, though!