Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lost's Loose Ends

Find a fairly comprehensive list here:

Monday, November 27, 2006

Cancun for Spring Break 2007

Yep, that's about it. Staying at the Oasis Cancun, with a good girl friend from Ivey. Group of at least 10 Ivey people will be going.

$1500 all inclusive (coming from my europe money). Last spring break ever! Excited.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Update on the status of the Buffy comic,6115,1562057_3_0_,00.html

The people at EW have always been very kind of Buffy, championing it throughout, and well past, its run.

There are a couple of minor spoilers, namely the whereabouts of Buffy which is learned in a Season 5 episode of Angel, as well as a very brief mention of the nature of the Angel series finale.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Heroes ep 9 review (spoilers)

Save the blah blah blah...

I was a little disappointed, but still thoroughly involved in this episode.

What I liked:
- How Peter headed out to save Claire's life even though it was likely that he would die. No hesitation.
- The absence of Hiro - it made me miss him, and made us depend more on Peter.
- Peter and Claire's chemistry: let's go slightly pedophiliac love!
- Eden's power of suggestion (which never really seemed that important) getting the job done.
- Death of bitchy cheerleader, who died because she pretended to be Claire .. ha!

What I didn't:
- Sylar was decidedly less than scary, not seeming to put much effort into things
- Peter was decidedly less than scary, leading to a very blase conflict between these two snore-fests that consisted of 2 seconds of wrasling, followed by a short fall and quick thud. Oh come on, couldn't they have come up with something better than this? At least a little more of the wrasling.
- Too much Mohinder.
- Micha is starting to annoy me. I kinda like DL, but overall that family is pretty dull.
- Adam from 24 as Sylar. I prefer the rumor (that didn't pan out) of Sean Bean.

What I'm interested in:
- How they expect to hold Sylar in the paper factory which happens to also be holding the ticking time bomb without disastrous consequences!
- How Hiro will save the waitress and somehow not be back in the present when she "dies"
- Sylar's backstory
- The season finale, which I suspect might resolve this tie between Peter and Sylar. If they can gather all the little heroes together in New York and srategically place them near Peter, he basically becomes god, and an easy defeater of Sylar.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Reviews in 5 words or less

social commentary parts are best
Hannah & Her Sisters: no manhattan, but classic allen
Pirates of the Caribbean 2: if no expectations, great fun
The Ice Storm: good dialogue, interesting, albeit depressing
Fast Food Nation: discussions, not easy answers

Sunday, November 12, 2006

To Netflix or not to Netflix?

Don't know the impetus for this latest choice - perhaps conversations with Matt and Mom about DVD rentals. So I did some research today and found out that you cannot get Netflix in Canada (I physically could not sign up without a zip code). So I looked on and they recommended either Zip or Starflix. Zip has a much better selection, and their website looked more professional.


1) make a list of movies you are interested in and they'll automatically ship them to you when you return your outstanding ones. This is more convenient than having to be all proactive about going to blockbuster.
2) could catch up on all my classics watching (I've somehow never seen the Godfather!)
3) lots of different plan pricing schemes (not just the $28.95 a month that most people seem to have)
4) month-by-month committment, not locked in - can cancel at any time. Means I could give it a try for one month to see if it's actually worthwhile.
5) fairly extensive selection. Zip claims to have 51,000 dvds as compared to 65,000 at Netflix (who say they have nearly every movie that's available on dvd). As an example, I searched for the 7 up dvd series. Netflix had all of them, and Zip had 42up and 49up. Starflix (and all the others I looked at) had none.
6) Zip has the feature similar to Netflix about being "on the honor system" that Matt mentioned one time.
7) speaking of the parental units, they could probably benefit from this too! i forsee dvd bonding.
8) good tv selection as well


1) costs money, duh :)
2) not entirely sure how much I would use it, especially with my busy schedule. I would definitely get one of the cheaper, more limited use packages.
3) you can't prioritize your list (of 20 movies) - they'll just send you whatever they have. You can pay a $2.50 "gotta have it" fee and they'll ship it within 24 hrs.
4) if you go over your shipments/month limit, it's a $2.50 fee (but at least it's not impossible to get more).

So ultimately I'll think about whether or not I would use it and probably at least give it a try for 1 month if it will fit into my budget!

Editor's Note: I lied, Zip DOES have the 7 up series! (It's just boxed together as "The Up Series", so when I searched for "7 Up", no results.)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lost: Post- Fall Finale Post


1) the fish biscuits are laced the fish biscuits are laced! pregnancy scare in the flashback is classic foreshadowing. however, i don't necessarily think she'll have the baby - perhaps a miscarriage mishap? intentional, forced, or otherwise. speaking of that, good job with the sex scenes. and the post-love was ridiculously cute.
2) i knew jack would come through for kate and sawyer despite the rage over now being the third wheel. he still wouldn't/won't let ben die. why didn't she tell him they're on a different island? i bet she will as one of the first few lines in episode 7
3) no eye patch :( not much of anything in the way of developments to the mythology or big unknowns
4) alex is sooooo a set-up!!! didn't everything about her scene in tonight's episode reek of fakeness? and apparently she's also ben's daughter/protege, which helps explain the set-up. I mean really, if she was taken from Rousseau as a baby, she grew up with these people. Her loyalty is to them, no question. crazy french lady will be mighty disappointed.
5) i still think ben will do a switchy swappy but not for a long time probably. end of this season at the earliest?
6) oh jack will get off the island he's on at the moment! tricky!!
7) "sheppard wasn't even on jacob's list" .... ah .... did I hear that right? so jacob is....?
8) NO MORE FLASHBACKS please. LIMITED USE only, not every episode. Not that I particularly disliked this one, but in general I'm so over them. I'd rather watch Hurley and Charlie gather fruit or Desmond skip his rocks for half an hour than sit through another Charlie/Jin/Sun/Hurley/Sayid flashback. The others are acceptable.
9) have i mentioned that I would give anything to have jin & sun dead and boone & shannon/eko back?
10) juliet needs to be dead by the end of this season. she's walking a very thin line with me. she makes a better villain than heroine. and she should stay the heck away from jack! he doesn't want any of that!! there's no one for him right now, and that's fine. he can use some alone time.
11) 16 episodes in a row will be mighty good. 13 weeks off, not so much fun. but we'll get used to it. i think i like this arrangement.
12) "look north" ... don't mind if I do, dead eko!
13) lame ending. oh well.

Lost: Pre-'Fall Finale' Post

I'm awfully excited for this, probably because it keeps being referred to as a finale. And it rather is: 13 weeks without Lost will follow!

So in honor of this memorable occasion, here are some pre-epsiode speculations/predictions/ramblings:

(some are/could be spoilerish)

1) Kate and Sawyer will do it - because they elude to that in the previews. The fish biscuits have fertility drugs in them to make Kate pregnant.
2) Jack will operate on Ben, and save his life. He took the hippocratic oath, after all.
3) We'll get another glimpse of Eye Patch.
4) Alex is a setup.
5) Ben MAY switch over to the "good" side.

The one where Tammy sees movies by herself and gets her photo taken

- This is an interesting article from about Heroes and the comic book world. Complete with bonus references to Alan Moore, Buffy, and Babylon 5! Actually I only read the first page because that's all I thought to cache before class.

- Had my grad photos taken today, with robe, fake diploma, hat, fake flowers, and everything! One exciting technological development that has occurred since the last time I had these things taken (high school grad) is the green screen. Now instead of having to choose a background before the shoot, you can go online and play around with all the different ones to see what you like best. 2 of my 12 proofs turned out great, so I'm happy with that.

- Killing time until my 5:20 tax class. A very large boo to night classes. No more of those next term. Speaking of which I will tell you my 2nd term schedule right now:

Mon & Tues:
11:20-12:40 --- Advanced Corporate Financial Reporting
2:10-3:30 --- Value Investing
3:40-5:00 --- Business Law

Wed & Thurs:
9:40 - 11:00 --- Global Strategy

I've gotten most of my accounting courses out of the way this semester, so it should be a fairly light 4 months.

- I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest all by my little old self last night. I actually really enjoy seeing movies alone so that wasn't a big deal. It was playing at Rainbow which is exactly 1 block from my apartment (and only until Thursday), I had been meaning to see it since the summer, and on top of that it was only $3.00!! Hard to turn down.

In the end, I really enjoyed it. Sure it was ridiculously long, did not adhere to any of the laws of physics, and ended with a complete cliffhanger... but darn it, it was good! I had low expectations because nearly everyone has been disappointed with it so far, and I knew to be prepared for the unresolved conclusion. But I thought in general the villain(s) were well constructed, the action scenes were near the top of any I've seen in the last couple of years, and I was thoroughly entertained for the entire 2.5 hours.

- Speaking of Rainbow, they're going to begin showing first-run movies starting this weekend. Of course, prices are going up but they'll still be the cheapest in London: $6.50 for evenings and something weird like $4.24 for matinees and Tuesdays. So if anyone wants to see The Departed with me next Tuesday ... I'll pay!! I'll probably see Borat too. One of the advantages of being a student is that it's really easy to get errands done/see matinees during the week.

Monday, November 06, 2006

EA Games helps keep me unsatisfied

Say what you will about my generation and our tendencies towards instant gratification and selfishness, but consider that this behavior is really just a construction of the changes in our society as a whole. I do not think it is theoretically possible for billions of people of the same age to willingly change their attitudes all at the same time. So, really it's not our fault it's yours (not you, specifically) for encouraging the shifts in values that have in turn changed the structures that influence our behavior.

Anyways, that little social-psych babble is really just a prelude to my real beef which is with The Sims. I recently purchased an expansion pack which allows your Sims to play with little kitties and doggies (and budgies and hamsters and fishies). Upon excitedly tearing open the packaging, I noticed a small one-page flyer drop out. For a change, it was advertising something actually related to the game I had just purchased, and not Metal Men 3 or some other nonsense.

However, it was an advertisement for the NEXT Sims expansion pack. Not the current one, not one that I can go out and buy in-stores already, but one that doesn't even have a name or a set release date. But the colorful advertisements promises dozens of new key features that guess what - I want now! My satisfaction of the game, even with my new Pets expansion pack, has been greatly diminished by my new ability to imagine in precise detail what these new features will be like. Argh.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Peace the spork out, Eko

Hopefully you've watched it already, cause clearly I'm assuming you have.

I'd heard beforehand that someone was going to bite the dust in last night's eppy, and had actually pegged pre-show that it would be Eko. My logic: the last 3 deaths have been female, Eko was in a vulnerable position, and after the hatch incident it felt like he didn't have much to do on the island anymore. I wasn't by any means sure.

And by jove, he expired around 9:59pm last night (well, 2004). I'm thrilled it was at the hands of the smoke monster; very fitting after how he stared it down last season. It seems to me this implies that the monster has been the cause for everyone's hallucinations throughout the first two seasons (Jack's dad, Kate's horse, DAVE) and that maybe it judges you and if you repent your supposed sins, you live - otherwise you die. I'm trying to think about how this applies to the other hallucinations but I'm too tired.

In other more exciting news, Benji has a tumor and Jack is gonna save him (oh he so is, you know it). Benji will find out about Juliet's plot, and possibly defect to the Losties, or at least shake up the island dynamics. Hopefully Juliet will die as a result... she deserves it. Or maybe it's all just a big set-up to see if Jack is worthy... of something.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Here are some pictures of a couple memorable nights recently. On the top are my Deloitte friends that visited me when I went to Toronto this past weekend. In case you care, which I don't know why you would, we have: Alex, Adam, Chris, Aviel, Liz, Sapna, Me, Steve, and Mona (yes the infamous Mona!).

On the bottom is a picture from last night's Halloween events. The three girls are dressed up as fire fighters, and the boy looks like he's not wearing a costume but he actually has brown paper bag sayings taped to him with stuff like "My ex girlfriend broke my heart" and "My brother always got better grades than me". Any guesses as to what he was?? Emotional Baggage! Lol. Anyways they are called: Serena, Ksenia, Lauren, and Matt. Ivey peeps.